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plumbers irvingWhen you have any problem in your plumbing we understand you'd like the repair done quickly and for a reasonable price. Testing methods in plumbing have improved incredibly in the recent past. As a result, problems can be pinpointed faster and diagnosed specifically, often saving time and money. Trust us in your plumbing problems and we will never fail you.

The Irving Plumbers Company has been providing both residential and commercial plumbing services to the Irving and other surrounding neighborhoods for multiple years. We've been around since the beginning of Irving and we look forward to providing you with our plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heater services. You can always count on us to get the job finished right. Our plumbing professionals are experts at all types of plumbing repairs and installation and no job is too big or too small. We treat you the way we expect to be treated, with the highest regard for you and your home. We use the latest technology available and always keep our teams up-to-date with the most current training and materials. We strive for the highest quality of workmanship, will always be truthful and honest and deliver real value to our customers with the list of services that you can see on our pages.

It is good practice to test your water heater’s T&P valve every six months or so. Just lift the test lever and let it snap back. This should produce a blast of hot water through the valve’s overflow tube. If no water appears, or if the lever won’t budge, replace the valve immediately. If water does appear, but you notice that the valve now drips steadily, open and close the valve several times. If it still leaks, tap lightly on the lever pin with a hammer and then retest. If it still leaks, replace the valve. We can spare you the trouble of doing this yourself.

We replace a T&P relief valve by shutingt off the water and power, and letingt the water cool for at least a few hours. Then we open an upstairs faucet and the tank’s drain valve. We won’t need to empty the entire tank, just drain it to a point below the valve fitting. Remove the overflow pipe from is outlet. Then use a pipe wrench to unscrew the old valve from the tank. Coat the new valve’s threads with pipe-thread sealing tape, and tighten it into the heater. Stop when the valve’s outlet points straight down. Screw the overflow pipe into the valve’s outlet, and turn the water back on. Bleed all air from the tank through an upstairs faucet, and turn on the power. All these steps done carefully and efficiently, and there you go! Let us do all of these steps for you so that you do not have to.

What is backflow, you may ask? Most homeowners don't know the term backflow until they experience a problem. The main job of a plumber is to protect your water systems. There are two main water systems plumbers service: clean water and wastewater. It is critical for wastewater and clean water to remain totally separate for the health and safety of your family and our community.

Whenever water becomes stagnant on the ground it can become contaminated or unclean. The water flowing from a sprinkler head or irrigation system is from a clean water source. Backflow prevention systems are installed to keep the ground water from backing up into the clean water system used in the sprinkler pipes. For your protection we can install or repair backflow prevention systems as needed. To ensure clean water we inspect your systems yearly and repair as needed. Turn to us for expert backflow prevention. Schedule your appointment with your expert neighborhood plumber today!

Call our Irving Plumbers to get a free water heater inspection by a licensed Plumbing professional anywhere in the Irving area or surrounding areas. We will evaluate your water heater’s condition, recommend the best solution, and provide a free quote. All of our professional Plumbing technicians are licensed professionals. Almost all water heater components can be replaced, except for the tank. To provide you with the best possible service our vans stay well-stocked with the parts and inventory needed to repair your water heater immediately after your free inspection. So having all of this said, give us a call today!